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About the Film

Sker is a short film featuring a true story of a kayaker traveling the Westfjords of Iceland. While kayaking in Arnarfjörður, he finds a skerry and decides to port there. He soon realizes that perhaps it wasn't such a good idea.

The film is shot entirely in one of the most remote places in Iceland, the Westfjords. The waterfall Dynjandi, which is portrayed in the beginning of the film, is one of the main symbols of the Westfjords. The skerry, named Gíslasker, has a long and interesting history that dates back to the settlement of the Vikings in Iceland.

Gláma, the production company behind the film, consists of 5 friends from the Westfjords. None of them has any expertise or education in filmmaking, but together, full of enthusiasm and joy, decided to go on and start making films anyway.

About the Director

Eyþór Jóvinsson was born in Flateyri in 1985. Flateyri is a small fishing village in the Westfjords of Iceland (population 200). Since Eyþór was 10 years old, he has been working in the fishing industry in Iceland, both offshore and on.

In 2007 Eyþór attended Iceland Academy of the Arts studying architecture, obtaining his Bachelor's degree in 2010. Now Eyþór owns a small shop and publication company in Iceland and makes films as a hobby alongside other work.

Eyþór Jóvinsson has published three books and produced four short films. He is currently working on new book and a few documentary projects as well as having a few shorts scripted and waiting to be filmed. Sker is his debut in film making as a writer and director.

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Arnarfjörður is the second-largest fjord of the Wesfjords and is known as one of the most beautiful due to it's diverse landscape, majestic mountains and the breathtaking Dynjandi waterfall.

Iceland's national hero Jón Sigurðsson was born in Arnarfjörður, at Hrafnseyri. The fjord is often mentioned in folklore and fairy tales and has a special connection with monsters and sorcerers.


This breathtaking waterfall is one of the main symbols of the Westfjords. The largest part of the waterfall is the one that gets most of the attention. But there are even more impressive smaller waterfalls further down the river. In fact, one is formed in such a way that people can walk behind it, and yet stay relatively dry.


Gíslasker is a small skerry in the middle of Arnarfjörður, which submerges in high tide on a full moon. Even though it's history goes back the the viking days, only a handful of people are said to have visited the skerry.

The skerry is named after Gísli Súrsson who was one of the first settlers of Iceland in the years 940-980. Allegedly Gísli Súrsson was so strong that he could throw a stone from the shore and hit the skerry despite it being many miles from shore.


Ársæll Níelsson Kayaker
Elfar Logi Hannesson Sailor


Eyþór Jóvinsson Director
Baldur Páll Hólmgeirsson Director of Photography
Sound Design
Web Designer
Hlynur Júní Hallgrímsson Composer
Marsibil G. Kristjánsdóttir Costumes & Wardrobe

Special Thanks

Baldur Smári Ólafsson Björgunarsveitin Kópur Bíldudal
Björgunarfélag Björg Suðureyri Borea Adventures
Borgný Gunnarsdóttir Einar Ómarsson
Fannar Ottósson Gamla Bakaríið
Guðni Einarsson Haukur Sigurðsson
Jóhann Daníel Daníelsson Jóhanna Jörgensen
Jón Arnar Gestsson Mjólkursamsalan
Oddur Elíasson Samkaup
Steinar Skjaldarson Sveinbjörn "Simbi" Hjálmarsson
Valdimar Bernódus Ottósson Valgerður Jónasdóttir
Veitingasalan Hrafnseyri Þórir Örn Guðmundsson

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Writer & Director
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Baldur Páll Hólmgeirsson
Director of Photography
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Elfar Logi Hannesson
Tel: +(354) 891 7025
Ársæll Níelsson
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Hlynur Júní Hallgrímsson
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Marsibil G. Kristjánsdóttir
Wardrobe & Costumes
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